Ratt(leak) is back. 2nd.

Near 14.500 km my 3rd NuVinci started to produce the same noise (and vibratons) as previous one after 20.000 km. So its typical life is somewhere around 15.000 km. And this is quite poor – it does not meet its price. For me – it represents one year of riding (commuting). Maybe 50.000 km or more should be more appropriate. I suppose that any other bike commuter will be frustrated too by its fail after one, two or three years.

NuVinci N360 represents the great riding experience, the smooth shifting… But seems to be only low-life toy, not the „commuter mate“ for years.

However, I am going to try continue riding this „rattleak“. It may be risk – the hub is maybe going to block the wheel one day…

Video (or sound) here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkGVJWPEhO4

(almost) Rattleak again….

Actually (last several thousands km, now 14118 km with this hub):

Leak present. Not massive, but the hub is permanent oily and sometimes the rim is oily too. Typically – the leak is increasing when the torque load is high – this usually means: when riding uphill.

Rattle noise is not heard yet, but vibrations are felt. And spindown of the free rear wheel is quite fast (high resistence inside hub).

No slippage encoutered… – so some traction fluid must be inside…

Shifting is smooth and easy.

Freewheel is sometimes „skipping“.

My conclusion? The life of the Nuvinci N360 hub, used for everyday commuting, is not very more than 20.000 km. I suppose I can say this, when riding the third hub and the problems are always the same.

20.000 km can be acceptable, but there should be some possibility to replace worn down parts without re-lacing the rear wheel. And the price of the hub should be „a bit“ lower. According to some riders reports, Rohloff can go over 100.000 km without problems and costs less then tripple of the N360 price…


The 3rd hub must be everlasting…

…or last at least 40.000 km, because I hate the repeated relacing due to hub replacements. Next relacing only with worn down V-brake rim!

Leaks? Rattle noise?  I will ride it until it totally block, get totally dry… or until it starts to lose some parts on the road behind my bike!!

I definitively stopped wondering about problems without that have not the direct impact to mobility. The best testing is absolutely unscrupulous riding! No other „preventive“ replacements due to „presumable“ fail…

3rd hub (maybe) becoming „rattleak“ again…

My 3rd Nuvinci N360 has now over 5000 km mileage and… – some „traditional“ issues are back. Hub is oily and oil spots are occassionally found on the rim. When pedalling in the lower ratio, the feeling is „not smooth“ – something „seizes“ inside. And when I was riding uphill, with the high load, the rear wheel was fast stopping when tested freewheeling, then normalized, after „cooling down“. (already known issue with the previous – 2 nd – hub).

Once I let my son test the bicycle, so he found it really horrible: „How you can ride this seizing shit??!“ 🙂

However – I have another spare hub, so I don’t care.. riding.. and waiting for final „rattleak“. Overall riding experience is still good (except of low-ratio seizing) I want this hub to keep until planned replacement of the V-brake rim (before the winter). Hope it will last…

Near to 35.000 km with 3rd hub

3 rd hub has now 2374 km mileage, no problems. I can say that its behavior is the best (compared to previous 2 ones). It seems to have the lowest power loss, no „slippage feeling“ and no masive leaks (maybe hub is a bit oily, but no fluid on the floor under parking bike or on the rim).

Although you can see here many problems reported by me, I am permanetly convinced that NuVinci N360 was the good choice. Its benefits for everyday cycling are evident. You easy get used to this its shifting abilities.

Two hubs dead… Vivat The Third!

The „total fail“ of the 2nd hub came few days ago. Altough it wasnt really total fail (lost traction or hub total block), there were the vibration and rattle issues during the last thousands km. The decission to replace hub came, when the rattle was heard (and vibrations felt) through the each ride, at the each ratio. According to it I became affraid of everyday using of it, affraid of sudden fail somewhere far from home. The rattle became… simply annoying and threatening – you can see/hear it on this video:


The current experience (127 km) with the third hub is very good. It seems not to have any problems of its two predecessors. No „partial slippage“ as the first, no „overtighteness“ and „warm-up blocking“ as the second. And no leaks yet…

The ratio range is really almost exact 360%. The certain engaged ratio seems to be fixed  / not to be „torque-dependent“ as the previous ones were (their cadence vs. speed measured ratio was varying between minimal and maximal pedaling torque, typically around 10%).

The previous two hubs had the yellow marks on the axis, the current has blue. Maybe this means, that blue is definitelly OK..? Who knows… 😉

If you check the Nuvinci Mileage page, you can realize that my overal Nuvinci experience is 32243 km with three hubs including current one. But – for example with the one cabling and shifter.

P.S.: Greetings to Brasil! 🙂 Although the original website is in Czech laguage and was intended for the Czech Republic… Although after the English versions kick-off I expected more readers from USA, the last few months the GA said then the Brasil readers are most interested in my Nuvinci experience…

Feel free to contact me at nuvinci.n360@gmail.com 😉


NuVinci mileage over 13.000 km

My first NuVinci N360 hub, dead by „higshleak“ issue was changed at its 11410km. Current – the second NuVinci hub – has now over 13000 km – so it is my most durable one. Its operating parameters are long-term stable,with only trace leak of tracking fluid. No leak through the seam on the body of the hub, only some minor leaks trough bearings (supposed to be normal..). The only problems were with shifting cables  – they were becoming jagged several times – so changement needed. It is better to use non-grinding, cheaper cables – they last longer.

The freewheel has a specific behavior: sometimes when shifting, there is some „skip“, noisy issue. Maybe the spring is too weak and sometimes not able to drive the flags to right position.

NuVinci Everyday Commuting

Actually I am using my second hub. It has 4200 km mileage. I stopped wondering about traction fluid leaks, heat production or increasing resistence after high torque ride. I am only riding, using it, commuting. No maintenance, except of sprocket or chain change.

Fluid leakage is probably the most reported NuVinci problem. As I wrote in some other article, NuVinci leakage is expected as the NuVinci life limiting factor. But nobody knows the NuVinci behavior with critically low fluid level. Maybe I should wait for some squeaking or traction loss.

NuVinci N360 short review after 14.000 km

Riding NuVinci N360 is really „something else“. Of course – there is: hub over-weight, power loss, traction fluid leaking. But no true operational problems. No shifting problems, no traction misses. I must say: absolutelly reliable untill now. 

See another articles on this web page. For now – more info is available on Czech version